Welcome to Nashwell Cowork

Join NashwellCo.work now while Adventure Park is under construction.  Our current building is merely a placeholder for what’s to come.  With another location down the street in our planning process, current members are helping to envision what their coworking space will look like, and lock in awesome rates for extended contracts.  We’re grateful for the generous spirit of our neighboring coworking spaces in town, McDougal Coworking and Hub City Workspace, for helping create the buzz around a new way of working in Lubbock.  Come play well with others at NashwellCo.work!

Share Space with a Google Partner

Early adopters will receive discounted services, while supplies last. Founding members of NashwellCo.work have access to On the Record, an interview series where your business is highlighted and shared online by our Google Partner, Linebrand.us. Website services can be discounted for long-term contracts as a part of an annual lease.

Network with Entrepreneurial Adults

One of the best aspects of Lubbock? It’s a college town. There are ups and downs to having so many students. Our founding members enjoy being away from the overcrowded coffee shops where a diverse crowd is great, but the noise may not be. Join a group of entrepreneurial leaders who leverage each others’ talents and resources. (We have coffee.)

Commute to the Center of Lubbock

Imagine the view from your office at 5pm: a panoramic window watching traffic crawl along Marsha Sharp from Texas Tech towards Southwest Lubbock. Make your own schedule and avoid the rush. You can drive to the University and downtown to LHUCA in as little as 5 minutes and reach Kingsgate in the opposite direction within 10 minutes.

Park where Work is an Adventure

What’s the best part of NashwellCo.work? LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. The marketing experts behind Adventure Park and the Lubbock Aquarium are doing your marketing for you. All you need is your name on the sign outside and your business will see 10x the traffic of the next busiest office location in Lubbock. Book your space today!

Workspace That Grows With You‎.

Coworking is a rising trend and the strength of the industry is supported by global research.  In large population centers like Sydney, Australia where the NashwellCo.work concept was born, market prices drive the industry as the cost of office space is simply prohibitive.  United States statistics show that coworking spaces are most successful in cities about the size of Lubbock.  Whether you choose to join us for our lower rent, convenient location, greater synergy, or all of these and more, we want to be your space hosts to give you even more reasons to stay and grow with us.

Membership options to suit your needs

Secure Spot
NashwellCo.work 1-month
We would love to give you dedicated space in a spacious office. Start with one month. If you like it, you may consider a longer lease. We may build to suit the right Co.worker! By getting into NashwellCo.work early, you may also secure more contract work.
Secure Spot
NashwellCo.work Connect
The best value in Texas! For the price of a monthly internet contract, you can join at our flat member rate that gives you access to work in any of our existing desks and common spaces, as well as those we can create with your input. Come on in!
Secure Spot
NashwellCo.work Bespoke
With our partnership in Adventure Park across the street, you could combine our office space with your own bespoke bungalow overlooking a golf course. Let us know what you need in your office and we’ll come up with a tailored plan.
Secure Spot
NashwellCo.work Linebrand
We’ve combined an option with our long-term tenant, Linebrand.us, to share their dedicated desks with a major perk for the right Co.worker. Complete your paperwork and they will train you to sell websites, earning monthly commission with an hourly rate.

Success Stories from our Partners


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In line with social distancing in light of the COVID-19 virus, NashwellCo.work is taking every precaution to keep our team and our clients safe. As cases of COVID-19 are being reported in West Texas, we’ve deepened our regular cleaning program to keep all surfaces actively disinfected. 

As we do our part to limit exposure, mail us to see how we can provide socially distanced work solutions